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Leafy Cabinet

Community Hubs

Connecting users with businesses, providers, organizations, and each other...

We Are Trailblazers

Unifying Our Community

Leafy Cabinet created designated hubs within the mobile app designed to connect users with each other, businesses, providers, and organizations who are innovating in the cannabis space, creating a valuable dialogue about relevant products and services – and even giving users the chance to buy.

Connecting community members to each other.

Connecting businesses with the community.

Connecting medical communities with organizations and patients.



Provides users with the opportunity to discover, research, and understand the many possibilities of medicinal cannabis.

A Paid Sponsorship opportunity will enable one business to host focused conversations, provide expert insights, and feature a link to their website so users can connect with them directly for more information.



This information-packed resource will highlight the role cannabis can play in a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional supplements, beauty products, clothing and much more will be the focus here, with a Paid Sponsorship opportunity for businesses who want to promote their brand and website.



A top destination for users looking to buy and sell cannabis products and more.

With LeafyMarket, third-party sellers have the valuable opportunity to sell cannabis goods and services within the Leafy Cabinet platform where the most targeted global user base is already formed and engaged. Designed with a “flea market” format, users can be both buyers and sellers in this marketplace so they can set their own prices, negotiate with other vendors, and operate without the restrictions that exist with many other online platforms.



A digital payment service that allows users to make payments online within and throughout LeafyCabinet. 

LeafyPay replaces credit cards and other payment platforms. Leafy Cabinet will have its own credit card.



The cannabis community will now have their own space to research and share information about the many aspects of cannabis. Welcome to the Wikipedia of the cannabis world. 



A dating place that can help users find other users who are searching for love, a date, a fun relationship and many more matchmaking opportunities.



The cannabis world will now have a tremendous opportunity to upload their videos to be seen by like-minded enthusiasts. 

LeafyVision will host video clips, movies, short films and more. Users will now have a platform to make a name for themselves by showcasing their production skills and much more.

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We are connecting cannabis enthusiasts, investors, businesses, and many organizations so NEW INNOVATION comes to life organically. 

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